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Complete Video & Telematics Management Solution

Digital Ally provides commercial fleets and commercial fleet managers with the digital video tools they need to increase driver safety, track assets in real-time and minimize the company's liability risk. Choose from three packages; Video Event Package, Asset Tracking Package, or choose to optimize your ROI by utilizing the Complete Solution that combines the power of both.

Choose Your Package:

Video Event

Available with our
In-Car Video Camera

Complete Telematics
Video Solution

Combines our In-Car Video Camera with
our Asset Tracking Unit

Asset Tracking

Available with our
ATU (Asset Tracking Unit)

Video Event Package

Manage Your Fleet's Video Events

Our Video Event Package enables agency managers to easily monitor their fleet of vehicles and driver performance. Users can store and manage video, update firmware & wireless configurations while using features such as mapping & reporting and creating driver score cards.

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FleetVu Asset Tracking Screenshot

Asset Tracking Package

Look Into Your Fleet's Real-Time Telematics

Our Asset Tracking Package adds powerful real-time asset tracking, automated alerts and telematics capabilities at your fingertips. Software features include live asset tracking and mapping, posted speed violations and customizable real-time alerts such as idle time, collisions, geo-fences and speeding.

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Complete Video Solution

Maximize Your ROI With Our Complete Solution

By utilizing our Complete Video Solution you will be able to not only collect video recordings of events throughout your fleet using our in-car video cameras, but also be able to track the analytics regarding your fleet's vehicles on the back-end side with use of our asset tracking unit. By utilizing our Complete Solution, we can guarantee you will receive a great return on your investment while promoting good driver behavior, and most of all, keeping your vehicles and your drivers safe!


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