Complete Evidence Management Solution

Manage all your digital evidence from one platform that is easy to use. Home Screen on Computer


Local - Cloud - Mobile

Evidence management when & where YOU want it.



Give your agency complete control over your digital evidence with a locally hosted software and storage solution.


Powered by Amazon Web Services, cloud gives your department the most secure web-based software and storage solution. CJIS compliant with the security you need for peace of mind. No IT needed!


Manage your video evidence in the field, wherever you are. Quickly play back video, add marks and notes to save you time. Home Screen on Mobile
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Local Software Option

The VuVault back office software suite enables law enforcement agencies to quickly and easily manage their digital video evidence across all of Digital Ally's products. VuVault is utilized for playing back, downloading, archiving, reviewing, unit configuration and management, running customizable reports and chain of custody logs as well as exporting/burning videos to DVD's for court. Case Management Screenshot

Device and User Management

Manage all of your Digital Ally; devices and groups through once simple back office software! VuVault administrators can configure and assign devices, set retention policies and control user and group permissions all through VuVault.

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Video Evidence Reporting

Create reports on just about anything! At the touch of a button instantly know which officers have (not) uploaded videos recently, identify high crime areas, and generate chain of custody reports for court. VuVault gives you the flexibility and functionality you need!

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Chain of Custody Reporting

Ensure that the exact video that was uploaded into the system is the video that is being shown to the attorneys and used in court. The original video file remains unaltered despite any notes, marks or segmentation that an officer might make to the video.

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Active Directory Login

VuVault leverages Microsoft Active Directory for managing system security access and authentication. With Active Directory integration enabled, users will not need to login to VuVault once their username has been associated with an active directory group. All associated permissions for the group will be assigned automatically when logging in, making VuVault incredibly easy to deploy across an agency utilizing a Microsoft server environment.

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Cloud Software Option

With™ you can access your digital video evidence from anywhere in the world. Create users, manage and configure your Digital Ally devices, upload and playback videos & run reports. All from your web browser and without expensive servers or IT Staff! In-Car Video Support Now Available!

Case Management

VuVault.Com isn't just for videos. Upload word documents, PDFs, CCTV camera footage, audio recordings and more! Create one singular folder for each case for all of your digital evidence. Case Details Screenshot


Departments that subscribe to VuVault.Com are able to utilize our integrated redaction technology to quickly and easily redact videos. The system has intuitive automatic face suggestions as well as manual redaction capabilities. Faces, signs, license plates, shirts and other objects can all be redacted quickly and easily. Once complete the redacted video can be downloaded or shared with other VuVault.Com users. Video Redaction Tool screenshot


VuVault.Com automatically generates a thumbnail preview of uploaded videos. By clicking on a thumbnail you can jump directly to that particular scene. This creates a highly efficient method for scanning a video for content.

Storyboarding Screenshot All-In Package with FirstVu HD body camera, Smart Dock and VuLink Patented Auto Activation Recording Technology
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VuVault.Com™ All-In Package

Our complete package includes an HD Body Camera, Smart Dock, VuLink®, our VuVault.Com cloud software with 200GB of storage.


Mobile Software Option

Digital Ally's VuVault platform continues to expand with the VuVaultGO mobile application for Android and iOS.

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In the Palm of Every Officer

The app allows for full system control including the ability to view the video feed, add notes and play back recorded videos. You also have the ability to view the remaining storage space and battery life. VuVaultGO allows for secure access to recordings and camera controls, GPS & event tagging. VuVaultGO is included with every FirstVu HD purchase.

Download the apps

Applications for VuVault™ Go on any of your devices.

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Complete Solution

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