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Digital Ally is committed to providing complete flexible front- and back-end video solutions for the unique security needs of sports stadiums and arenas, outdoor events and high risk areas. With over 15 years of video technology innovation in the areas of hardware, software and data storage and management Digital Ally™'s feature-rich products are durable, reliable and stand the test of time.


Turn Key Services

Turn Key Service

  • Appropriate number of cameras, docking stations, and back-end cloud video management software
  • On-site technical support day before, day of, and day after the event
  • Equipment will be checked out prior to the event and checked back in at the conclusion of the event
  • User training for the hardware along with best practices
  • Management of hardware, upload and storage of video
  • Video retrieval and review



Designed & Built

  • Right size video needs per event
  • No need to hire additional staff to manage
  • No need to budget for large equipment purchases
  • No need to manage or assign inventory
  • Always have the latest camera technology
  • On-site technical personnel available for trouble-shooting and video retrieval

After several successful deployments of Digital Ally™'s body-worn cameras, we are pleased to announce Digital Ally as a provider in video solutions for MetLife Stadium. Our staff has been impressed with the usability of the hardware and back-end software. The goal of this initiative is to provide our staff with an extra tool when interacting with fans to create an overall better game day experience for everyone.

Danny DeLorenzi, | Vice President, Security and Safety Services for MetLife Stadium


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