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Right-Sized Video Needs

Per Event

Save money by ordering the appropriate amount of hardware and software per event, minimizing capital expenses.

IP Camera

On-Site Technical Support

Solution Management

Certified Digital Ally technicians will set up, deploy, manage hardware and assist with video retrieval.

On-Site Support

Cost Effective 

Highly Efficient

Eliminate the need to hire additional staff or task existing personnel with the responsibility of managing the solution.

Device Management

Complete Accountability

Pre-event, cameras will be scanned out individually and rescanned post event.

User Training

Equipment Execution 

Digital Ally technicians will review hardware and best practices with security personnel including how to activate and operate the system along with recommended mounting positions.

EVO Web Portal

Data Management

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the most secured cloud platform on the market with features that go beyond storing and reviewing video evidence.

Cloud Features:

  • Audio/Video Redaction
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Device and user management
  • Video Sharing/Editing
  • Case Management
  • AWS GovCloud

We are excited to welcome Digital Ally into the APN, and to help their customers take advantage of cloud at any stage of their journey. Partners like Digital Ally offer valuable solutions to our justice and public safety customers, and we™re thrilled to offer these customers greater choice when it comes to solutions that are vital to their missions.

Kim Majerus | Head of U.S. State and Local Government at AWS

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