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USA General Services Administration


GSA is easy to use and offers extremely competitive pricing on items for federal, state, and local governments, as well as other government entities. Depending upon state or local laws, the hassle of the RFP process can be avoided completely by purchasing directly off of a GSA contract.

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Contract #EF04-15

Helping Governments Across the Country Buy


HGACBuy is a nationwide cooperative purchasing program based out of Texas that has been providing procurement services to governmental and non-profit entities for over 40 years. Vendor contracts through HGACBuy are awarded by virtue of a public competitive bid or RFP process in compliance with government purchasing statutes. Because the vendor was awarded the contract through a public competitive bid, this allows the buyer the advantage of bypassing the lengthy and expensive procedure of the RFP.


  • FirstVu HD Body-Worn Camera
  • DVM-800 Digital In-Car System
  • DVM-750 Digital In-Car System
  • DVM-500 Digital In-Car System

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Digital Ally™ is proud to have Grainger Industrial Supply as a distributor of its products. Founded in 1927, Grainger offers over 1 million products and repair parts. Grainger also provides the convenience of easy ordering combined with a history and reputation of excellent customer service.

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NPPGov is a national cooperative purchasing organization based in Seattle, WA that offers publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. Their contracts were created through a public solicitation and award process by a lead public agency. NPPGov serves Government, Education, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Non Profit organizations. FireRescue GPO and Law Enforcement GPO are programs of NPPGov with contracts that focus on Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement members' needs.

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Texas DIR-TSO-4176


The mission of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is to provide technology leadership, solutions, and value to Texas state government, education, and local government entities to enable and facilitate the fulfillment of their core missions. They foster and promote technology leadership, technology solutions, and value to customers.

The DIR contract can be utilized by many different customers to include Texas state, county or local government offices, and public entities of all sizes. Agencies that meet eligibility requirements outside the State of Texas may also utilize the TX-DIR contract through use of an inter-local agreement with the DIR.

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Michigan based entities only;
MiDEAL membership required

MiDEAL is an extended purchasing program which allows Michigan local units of government to use state contracts to buy goods and services. Membership is open to cities, townships, villages, counties, school districts, universities, community colleges, and non-profit hospitals. Local governments benefit directly from the reduced cost of goods and services and indirectly by eliminating the time needed to process bids.
To become a member simply send an email to Nominal annual membership
fees may apply.

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State of Nebraska

Nebraska Agencies Only

Law enforcement agencies within the State of Nebraska are eligible to utilize Digital Ally™ contract 13256 OC to purchase the DVM-750 and accessories.

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Pennsylvania based entities only

PA COSTARS is a program managed by the Department of General Services (DGS) for local public procurement units (LPPUs) and state affiliated entities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Because the Commonwealth awards contracts through its own competitive bidding process, COSTARS procurements meet the cooperative purchasing requirements under the Commonwealth Procurement Code for local government purchasing.

*Pennsylvania Department of General Services Supplier Guide COSTARS Program Participation

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