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The Law Enforcement Solution for Digital Evidence

Digital Ally Inc. is committed to providing law enforcement and security agencies with the highest quality technology to assist in capturing digital evidence. As an industry-leader, Digital Ally designs feature-rich products that are rugged, durable and reliable. Agencies from all 50 States and more than 30 foreign countries rely on our products every day.

Digital Ally also offers a digital evidence management platform that works seamlessly in conjunction with all of our digital video systems. Since storage and management needs vary from agency to agency, Digital Ally has the capability to custom design solutions to meet your agency's needs. We offer cloud and local software and storage solutions and our digital evidence management platforms are customizable for your individual agency.

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Why Video?

Reduce Frivolous Law Suits - Minimize Agency Liability - Increase Officer Safety
Improve Community/Media Perception of Police - Secure Evidence

True Video Solution

Police cameras have existed for many years but Digital Ally is the first to bridge the gap bringing together software and hardware to create a true video solution for law enforcement & security agencies. We are the only video company that can connect in-car video, body cameras & the back office software into one complete solution.


Studies have repeatedly shown that when video is deployed by a law dnforcement agency, officer performance and professionalism increase dramatically and there are improved community relations between the agency and the general public. Video deployments always coincide with an increase in successful prosecutions and officers spend less time completing paperwork and making court appearances.

Chain of Custody

All of our video systems are extremely secure. Through our back office software, your agency can generate chain of custody reports and audit logs to ensure that the video evidence being shown is exactly what was created, and it has not been edited, tampered with or altered in anyway.


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