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Complete Integration 

With Cross Activation

VuLink is Digital Ally’s patented product that fully integrates in-car and body-worn cameras. The technology behind VuLink enables automatic cross activation of all Digital Ally recording products. Never missing an event.

Complete Integration

Focus on the Job

Reduce Distractions

VuLink can be programmed to automatically start a recording from up to six (6) customizable triggers. Some of the most popular triggers include:

  • Emergency Lights & Sirens
  • Extreme Acceleration & Braking
  • G-Force
  • Radio Switches
  • Any 12 Volt Relay

Focus on the Job

Review Multiple Recording Angles

Synchornized Audio and Video Playback

When paired with any in-car camera system and a FirstVu HD body camera, VuLink offers the ability to synchronize playback of both audio and video evidence in Digital Ally’s back-office software solution, VuVault. Gain access to multiple vantage points to understand the whole incident.

Review Multiple Recording Angles

Hands-Free Activation

For Motor-Officers

VuLink gives motor officers the ability to automatically start a recording of either the body-worn or fixed camera when the lights are activated, leaving their hands safely on the handlebars.

Hands-Free Activation


Internal Triggers

Wirelessly via FirstVu HD

External Triggers

Single +12V trigger such as Emergency Lights


1 year included
Extendable up to 2 years

With the ability to automatically activate our FirstVu HD body-worn cameras and in-car video systems with the company's patented VuLink® technology, our officers no longer have to think about pressing a button to record interactions. This functionality allows us to meet our goals of increasing the safety for our officers while ensuring that we capture a comprehensive perspective of the event.

Sheriff Rick Clark | Pickens County Sheriff's Office

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