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Designed in conjunction with one of the leading experts in LIDAR, this high-performance electro-optical speed gun provides accurate speed and distance measurements for the law enforcement community.

The Laser Ally in currently on sale for $795, normally $1,995. Call 855-626-5471 to order now or email us at

Lidar Speed Gun

Laser Ally

Extreme Accuracy

Pinpoint the speed and direction of a vehicle in single or multi-lane traffic. Unlike with traditional RADAR, laser speed detectors utilize an extremely narrow beam, allowing speed detection and targeting to be unaffected by traffic congestion.

LIDAR Laser Ally Speed Gun

Laser Ally

Total Reliability

Laser Ally Speed Guns are ruggedized for heavy use and waterproof for harsh environmental conditions, amazingly fast and accurate with anti-jamming technology, and provide complete courtroom credibility. The gun™s body is composed of a polycarbonate ABS blend for strength and chemical resistance. Critical alignment components are tied together by a second internal die cast metal structure to withstand a drop without requiring realignment.

Laser Ally LIDAR Speed Gun

Key Features

  • Smaller, lighter (2.5 lbs), better balanced
  • User-friendly operation
  • Fast acquisition time of 0.3 seconds
  • Excellent range of distances up to 6,000 ft.
  • Advanced auto-jamming
  • Cut through obstructions like trees, fences, etc.
  • Superior weather mode reads through rain, snow and fog
  • Long battery life of 32 hours on 2 C-cells (optional rechargeable)

Laser Ally Speed Gun

Inventory Sale

Act Now

The Laser Ally in currently on sale for $795, normally $1,995. Call 855-626-5471 to order now or email us at



4.5 x 6.75 x 9.75


2.5 lb

Min. Mode Ranges

Speed – 50™
Range – 10™
Weather – 250™

Speed Accuracy

+/- 1 mph

Speed Measurement

Up to 200 mph Approaching/Receding

Distance Accuracy

+/- 0.5 ft

Distance Resolution

+/- 0.1 ft

Eye Safety

FDA CDRH Class 1
(Optional IEC Class 1)

Beam Divergence

2.5 milliradian

Laser Source

905 +/- 10 nanometer

Temperature Range

22° F to +140° F


Waterproof to IP 67


Impact Resistant

Power Source

Two C-cells
High Quality Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable

Battery Life

24-32 hrs Typical Use

The new Evo system is working very well, and in my opinion, is your best product to date. Grantham PD first started with Digital Ally, through the purchase of the 750 platform. We later upgraded to the 800 HD. I was very happy to hear that we would be able to move to the new EVO platform, without any additional cost. Digital Ally truly stepped up to plate with that decision!

John W. Parsons | Chief of Police | Grantham Police Department

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