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Build a Better Case

InterVu Room + In-Car + Body-Worn

InterVu Room is the newest innovation in our law enforcement offering. Now you can build a better, more complete case when you pair your in-car and body-worn footage with your interview room video. And it’s all managed in one, secure location with EVO Web.

InterVu Room Solution

Live Monitoring

Review In-Progress Interviews

The ultra-wide, high-resolution camera will capture multiple views of the room at once along with audio capture.

InterVu Room Monitor

Discreet Dome Camera

Capture the Entire Room

Never miss a moment in the interview room. Crystal-clear recordings ensure the truth is always captured.

InterVu Room Solution Ceiling Camera

Covert Wall-mount Camera

With Multidirectional Microphone

Get a direct line-of-sight vantage point of the interview along with an redundant audio recording to ensure you never miss a critical moment.

InterVu Room Wall Mount Camera & Microphone

EVO Web Integration

Auto Uploads with Subscription

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the most secure cloud platform on the market with features that go beyond storing and reviewing video evidence.


Room Setup
  • Four interview rooms with four video streams each for a total of sixteen streams.
  • Recording In Progress LED Indicator for visual confirmation of system status.
  • Wall-mount Tablet to initiate recording by PIN number.

Evidence Management
  • EVO Web integration for video management, retention, tagging, and redaction.
  • Auto-upload to EVO Web cloud via an EVO Web subscription.

  • Gigabit VPN Router allows system to integrate with existing network or function as a standalone system.
  • Cloud-based system functionality.

  • 8MP ceiling-mounted 360° Fisheye Camera with internal microphone.
  • Multiple 2MP views to choose from in each room.
  • 2MP Wall Mount camera for a line-of-sight view.

  • Omnidirectional wall plate mounted microphone for redundant audio recording.

Security Protocol
  • Recording Lockout feature (Only the initiator of an interview can stop its recording).

"With the ability to automatically activate our FirstVu HD body-worn cameras and in-car video systems with Digital Ally's patented VuLink® technology, our officers no longer have to think about pressing a button to record interactions. This functionality allows us to meet our goals of increasing the safety for our officers while ensuring that we capture a comprehensive perspective of the event."

Sheriff Rick Clark | Pickens County Sheriff 's Office (SC)

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