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Breakthrough Body-Worn Camera

All in a One-Piece Design

The FirstVu Pro body-worn camera utilizes our most advanced evidence capturing technology. It’s a lightweight, one-piece unit that captures full 1080p HD video, while offering industry leading features like live GPS tracking.

FirstVu Pro Camera

Full-Color Touchscreen 

Evidence at Your Fingertips

A large 2.4″ capacitive touchscreen display brings evidence to your fingertips. Easily review evidence through an intuitive, on-screen interface.

Front-Facing Full-Color Display

Rugged + Reliable

Flawless performance in harsh environments

The rugged design is capable of handling the harshest of environments. It boasts an IP67 rating resisting dust & wind and is water submersible for 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet; is MIL-STD-810G compliant capable of handling drops, shock, and vibration; and will function flawlessly in an extremely wide temperature range.

Rugged + Reliable

Advanced Image Sensor

Reliable Image Capture

Capture better video evidence with dual front and rear-facing cameras, improved low-light performance, reduced motion blur, and capture clearer audio with noise reduction technology. Equipped with IR LEDs to perform subject identification up to 5 meters in complete darkness. 

Evidence Management

The Integrated Management System (IMS) is a comprehensive management system that provides an intuitive, web-based interface to improve your situational awareness and digital evidence gathering in the field. This secure, chain-of-custody guaranteed system improves your workflow of evidence management, so you can dedicate scarce resources to other higher priority organizational tasks.

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Integrated Management System

Docking Station

The 12-Bay Docking Station is intended to be used with a PC and Dock Application. The Dock Application is required for media transfer from the body camera to the IMS (Integrated Management System).


  • Docking Bay Connection: USB-C
  • Charging Current: 1.0A
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Data Transfer: 240Mbps / 30MB/s
  • Data Transfer Connection: USB-B
  • LED Indicator: Green LED ON “ Docking Station ON
    Green LED OFF “ Docking Station OFF
  • Power Adapter: Input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz / Output 5vdc, 15A
    5.5mm OD, 2.5mm ID connector
  • Dock Dimensions: 382mm/15in length x 190mm/7.48in width x 60mm/2.36in height
  • Factory Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 27001, ROHS, NDAA

View Docking Station Specs

12-Bay Docking Station


Video Resolution

1080P(Full-HD), 720P (HD), 480P(SD)

Video Encoding

H.264 (default), H.265

H.264 Bit Rate

480p/30fps: Low (1.0Mbps), Standard (2.0Mbps), High (2.5Mbps)
720p/30fps: Low (2.0Mbps), Standard (3.0Mbps), High (4.0Mbps)
1080p/30fps: Low (4.0Mbps), Standard (6.0Mbps), High (7.8Mbps)

Video Container



AES-256 Enable/Disable

Photo Resolution

≥16MP, up to 40MP

Audio Encoding

Compressed/Lossy AAC @ 48KHz Sample Rate with Noise Reduction


Mono, Mute options for Pre-Event, Event, Post-Event


Pick-Up and Noise Cancelling

  • Input sound pressure PIN = 94dB SPL@1kHZ
  • Test room temperature Ta = 25ËšC, Room Humidity = 50% ±20%
  • A-weighting filter applied for noise floor measurement


Output Power 1.2Watts, 80dB @ 1 meter

Front Camera Imager

1/2.8 Sony IMX335 CMOS, focal length 3.6mm


Front and Rear Facing (Video Intercom use)

Digital Zoom

1x to 24x


Wide Angle with proprietary image distortion reduction
Horizontal 122Ëš (±0.5 Ëš)
Diagonal 142Ëš (±0.5Ëš)
Vertical 72Ëš (±0.5 Ëš)

Low Light Performance with IR LEDs

Identification @ 5m, Recognition @ 8m, Detection @ 10m Auto / Manual


2.4 Touchscreen w/Corning Gorilla Glass 3

LED Indicators

Status (Video Recording, Audio Recording, Standby), Charging

User Interface

Touchscreen: Playback, Audio/Video/Device configuration

Memory Capacity
  • 64GB internal high endurance uSD card = 58GB of available storage
  • 56 hours of video stored at 480P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate(2.0Mbps)/H.264
  • 41 hours of video stored at 720P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate(3.0Mbps)/H.264
  • 20 hours of video stored at 1080P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate(6.0Mbps)/H.264

Secure Media Access

Docking Station or Wireless Upload required for media transfer to IMS
Files cannot be deleted on device by user

Covert Mode

Disables LEDs, Audible, and Vibration notifications / Display not disabled

Pre-Event Buffer

Configurable 30/60/120 seconds

Post-Event Buffer

Configurable 5/10/15/30 seconds


SES and GNSS Compliant

Wireless Connectivity

3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1

WiFi Offload

433Mbps supported, actual speed dependent on bandwidth (uplink) of network


User-replaceable Li-Ion Polymer Battery (Hot-Swappable) ¢ 3600mAh

Battery Life

Retain 80% charge after 400 cycles

Cellular OFF, Wi-Fi OFF, Display OFF

  • 12 hours at 480P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 11 hours at 720P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 10 hours at 1080P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264

Cellular ON, Wi-Fi OFF, Display OFF

  • 11 hours at 480P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 10 hours at 720P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 9 hours at 1080P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264

Cellular ON, Wi-Fi ON, Display OFF

  • 10 hours at 480P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 9 hours at 720P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264
  • 8 hours at 1080P/30FPS/Standard Bitrate/H.264




165g / 5.8oz

"With the ability to automatically activate our FirstVu HD body-worn cameras and in-car video systems with Digital Ally's patented VuLink® technology, our officers no longer have to think about pressing a button to record interactions. This functionality allows us to meet our goals of increasing the safety for our officers while ensuring that we capture a comprehensive perspective of the event."

Sheriff Rick Clark | Pickens County Sheriff 's Office (SC)

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