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EVO Web Portal

Data Management

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the most secured cloud platform on the market with features that go beyond storing and reviewing video evidence.

Trusted by: Department of Justice, Defense Digital Services for the US Air Force, U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


ProVu Share Portal

Complete Connectivity

Connect District Attorneys and Prosecutors to securely request and review video evidence remotely from multiple agencies. All video requests and acknowledgement receipts will be logged into the chain of custody report associated with the requested video.

ProVu Share Portal

Over the Air Updates

Simplicity in Management

As new features are developed, hardware/software updates will automatically be downloaded over-the-air when units are connected to Wi-Fi. System configurations can be updated at any time through the integrated cell connection.

Multi-Angle Playback

Simultaneously playback and review multiple recording angles from both the in-car cameras and body-worn camera – all in one view. Choose between audio sources like the body-worn camera or backseat camera to gain clarity during critical events.

VuLink Sync Player

Frame by Frame Detection 

Powered by Pixel Forensics, redact all sensitive audio and video evidence with the click of a button. Select what should be redacted from a single frame and this powerful software will redact the selection throughout.


Fleet at a Glance

All systems fleet wide can be viewed from a single page to ensure they are properly configured and synced.

Fleet Administration

Near Real-Time

Monitor the location of the entire fleet from a one centralized platform in near real-time. Set up custom geofence zones to automatically start recordings when either an officer enters or leaves the designated zone.


Remote Activate Recordings

In the event of lost communication with an officer, a dispatcher can remotely activate the recordings of multiple EVO-HD systems and body cameras.

Dispatch Activation

File Repository

When reviewing events, users can add video evidence, pictures, PDFs and notes into one centralized location called Cases. All related documents and files regarding the case can be seamlessly shared with one click of a button.


In our experience, Digital Ally has been great to work with and has the best equipment. On top of those things, their customer service, tech support, and sales representatives have been very helpful and cordial.

Captain Jose Gutierrez | Fletcher PD (NC)

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