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The Complete Video Solution

Digital Ally’s first product in a new family of in-car video systems that maximizes space and offers top-end reliability paired with remote access and service capabilities.

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Built-in, Patented Auto-Activation Technology

with VuLink ®

With built-in, patented VuLink cross auto-activation technology, EVO-HD captures multiple recording angles in sync from both a FirstVu HD body-worn camera and an EVO-HD in-car camera system from multiple customized triggers.

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Subscription Program

Budget-friendly Monthly Financing

Digital Ally™s in-car camera subscription program features versatile plans including 36- and 60-month subscriptions with multiple retention policies, unlimited cloud storage options and a FirstVu HD body camera for no additional hardware cost. Starting as low as $152.00/month/unit.

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Subscription Program

Enhanced Video

High Quality 1080p HD Video

EVO-HD can support up to four HD 1080p cameras. Customize the solution with multiple camera options including a road facing, back-seat or weather resistant external camera.

Multiple Microphone Options

Choose between a wireless microphone that can capture audio up to 1,000 feet from the vehicle or pair a FirstVu HD body camera with EVO-HD as the audio source. The infrared utility back-seat camera is also equipped with built-in HD audio.

Crystal Clear Audio

Never Miss an Important Event

Dispatch Activation: With EVO-HD, dispatch operators can automatically start a recording of any device remotely.

Pre-Event: When enabled the system will record up to the previous 60 seconds leading up to the activation of a recording.

Evidence Capture Assurance® (ECA): When enabled, ECA provides a continuous loop of recording that allows an agency to go back and look at video from an entire shift.

Critical Capture

Data Management

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the most secured cloud platform on the market with features that go beyond storing and reviewing video evidence.

Cloud Features:

  • Audio/Video Redaction
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Device and user management
  • Video Sharing/Editing
  • Case Management
  • AWS GovCloud

Flexible Storage Solutions

Securely Capture Evidence

Monitor, record and automatically upload crutial video evidence during the interview process. From a single platform generate chain of custody reports and redact personal or other sensitive information from audio or visual evidence.

EVO Interview


Video Resolution

1080p HD

Internal Storage

256GB Internal

Number of Cameras

4 HD 1080p

Simultaneous Stream

Up to 4


Configurable up to 60s

Video Playback





Near-real time

Internal Triggers

Dispatch via Cloud Trigger
Built-in VuLink
Record Button

External Triggers (Configurable +12V sensors)

Emergency lights
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Toggle switches
Gun lock, etc.

Video Upload


Video Warranty

3 years included
Extendable up to 5 years

The new Evo system is working very well, and in my opinion, is your best product to date. Grantham PD first started with Digital Ally, through the purchase of the 750 platform. We later upgraded to the 800 HD. I was very happy to hear that we would be able to move to the new EVO platform, without any additional cost. Digital Ally truly stepped up to plate with that decision!

John W. Parsons | Chief of Police | Grantham Police Department

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