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Solid State

Digital Video Mirror (DVM)

Compact, powerful and easy to use system replaces a factory rearview mirror. Digital Ally’s continuation in the family of highly successful DVMs is a time-tested solution designed for law enforcement.

Solid State

Patented Auto-Activation Technology

Integrated with VuLink®

Digital Ally’s patented VuLink product enables cross auto-activation of body-worn and in-car camera systems when activated. This patented technology provides the ability to synchronize playback of both in-car and body-worn cameras.

Patented Auto-Activation Technology

Uncomplicated Design

Easy to Install

The DVM-800 video system is highly configurable with the ability to activate through a variety of triggers and wirelessly upload video evidence.

Crystal Clear Audio

The wireless microphone records audio for up to 1,000 feet from the vehicle. When activated, the microphone remotely starts a recording. DVM-800 units also have built-in audio sources for in-vehicle recordings.

Wireless Microphone

Never Miss an Important Event

Pre-Event: When enabled the system will record up to the previous 30 seconds leading up to the activation of a recording.

Evidence Capture Assurance® (ECA): When enabled, ECA provides a continuous loop of recording that allows an agency to go back and look at video from an entire shift.

Critical Capture

Data Management

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the most secured cloud platform on the market with features that go beyond storing and reviewing video evidence.

Cloud Features:

  • Audio/Video Redaction
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Device and user management
  • Video Sharing/Editing
  • Case Management
  • AWS GovCloud



Video Resolution



32GB Internal
32GB External

Number of Cameras

2 internal included
2 external included
(Up-to 4 external optional)

Simultaneous Stream

Up to 2


Configurable up to 30s

Video Playback

Built-in Monitor


External Dongle

Internal Triggers

GPS based on locations of interest and distance from home base
Record button

External Triggers

Emergency lights
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Toggle switches
Gun lock, etc.

Video Upload

Manual (Local software only)


5 years included
Extendable up to 6 years

I've used Digital Ally camera systems at a previous job and my current job. Anytime we have needed help with the camera system or anything dealing with the program, it only takes one quick phone call and it's taken care of. Digital Ally has great customer service, a friendly staff, and will help get what you need at an affordable price.

Josh Pennington | C.O.P. Adrian PD (GA)

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