In-Car Video System

DVM-250 Plus Video Event Recorder

Our patented design utilizes the latest technology in order to integrate the entire system into a rear view mirror.

DVM-250 Video Event Recorder Solution with license plate camera, side mount camera and cage camera

I chose Digital Ally because of my law enforcement background. The units are being used in law enforcement and I felt they would be rugged enough to be in a tow truck. The cameras protect my drivers and company from false accusations and video is the way of the world now.

-Russ Lindermann | Par Towing Incorporated

Never miss an important Event

Pre-Event Recording

With Pre-Event enabled the system is always recording the last 30-60 seconds to capture the events leading up to the activation of a recording.

Continuous Loop Recording

The system is set to record on a continuous loop. Individual events are recorded but the continuous loop enables an agency's manager to go back and look at video from an entire shift.

Uncomplicated Design

Easy to Install - Simple to Use - Highly Configurable

Event recorders can be configured to power up with vehicle, login instantly, automatically activate with variety of triggers, and wirelessly upload videos.

High Quality Video & Audio

Enhanced D1 Resolution

Two-built in cameras in the rear view mirror with the option to add additional cameras. Capability to record on two channels simultaneously.

-30dBV internal Microphone

Ensures that clear audio is always captured.

VuLink® Collection

Sync your devices with VuLink®

VuLink® is the first product on the market to fully integrate event recorder and body-worn video. The patented technology behind VuLink enables automatic activation of your in-car camera, optional wireless microphone and body-worn video camera.

Focus on the Job, not your video

Reduce Distractions

VuLink® wirelessly activates all of your Digital Ally video systems automatically and simultaneously.

Additonal Cameras with DVM-250 Plus

Backup Camera

Passenger Camera

Side Mount External Camera

Optional Triggers

Integrated with Interface Box

Just about anything in the vehicle that can output a 12 Volt Signal can be configured to trigger your event recorder. Below are the most common of these:

  • Brake Lights
  • Turn Signal
  • Reverse Gear
  • Covert Panic Button
  • Door Sensors


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