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John W. Parsons (Chief of Police)
G. Vincent Cunningham (Sergeant)


April 30, 2020


John Saunders
Digital Ally
9705 Loiret Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219



Was great speaking with you the other day. As I mentioned, the new Evo system is working very well, and in my opinion, is your best product to date. Grantham PD first started with Digital Ally, through the purchase of the 750 platform. We later upgraded to the 800 HD. I was very happy to hear that we would be able to move to the new EVO platform, without any additional cost. Digital Ally truly stepped up to plate with that decision!

In terms of features, the integration between the body cameras and cruiser cameras is seamless. My community does not have a lot of man-made lighting, in terms of streetlights. This has not been any issue for either camera system. The clarity and quality of low light videos produced is outstanding. With the EVO video system, tracking/tagging/and storing videos is quite easy, especially for those of us who are somewhat technologically challenged. One feature that I am very happy with is the ability to send out videos via the email link. I have received numerous positive comments from other law enforcement agencies and defense attorneys, about how well this works. It is a time saver; in that I do not need to burn videos to be sent out. It is also a budgetary positive, in that I no longer need to purchase DVD™s for the burn process.

Last, and certainly not least, is the exceptional support we have received from your tech services division. From your techs coming out to install the Evo system, to the fast response to emails, the overall experience has been great. In particular, Matt Carpenter has been tremendous to work with. He is personable, responsive, and truly exemplifies customer service!

In closing, as a long time Digital Ally customer, I would like to thank you and all of the members of your team for supporting the Grantham Police Department.



John W. Parsons
Chief of Police Grantham Police Department

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