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Industry Preferred

Two-Piece Design

Small footprint allows for multiple mounting options. Compact camera design records steady video in critical situations.

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De-Escalate Situations

Improve Event Experience

Security personnel are often faced with confrontational situations. Utilize audio and video recording to improve overall fan experience.

Event Experience

Added Shield

Record The Truth

Help protect against false complaints and minimize liability.

High Definition Video and Audio

Small but Powerful

Camera head is equipped with 720p HD resolution, a 95 degree angle horizontal field of view and is water resistant. Capture crystal clear, HD audio with a microphone built-in.

Small Mighty Camera

VuVault® Cloud Storage

Complete Evidence Management Solution Cloud: Cloud storage eliminates the need to store video on-site – powered by Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Features:

  • Audio/Video Redaction
  • Video Sharing/Editing
  • Case Management
  • AWS GovCloud
  • Retrieve Video From Any Smart Device

VuVault Cloud Storage

Docking Stations

Upload and Recharge

12-Unit Smart Dock/Charging Station: Includes a 1TB local memory hard drive. Simultaneously upload 4 hours of video from 12 FirstVu HD cameras within a 15-minute shift change and push configuration updates.

Mini Dock: The mini dock is a single unit, portable smart dock that uploads video evidence to from a FirstVu HD body camera.

FirstVu Docking Station


Video Resolution

720p HD (1280 x720)
95° Horizontal Field-of-vew


Aproximately 16 hours of HD video


Extended battery life up to 8 hours


Up to 60s



Internal Triggers

Record Button

External Triggers

Wirelessly via VuLink

Video Upload

Docking station
Manual (Local software only)


1 year included
Extendable up to 3 years

In an effort to continue to create a safe and positive experience for our fans, we recognized the value of implementing Digital Ally™s video solution products. After field testing different solutions, we identified Digital Ally as the complete Body Camera provider in terms of hardware, back-end service and support.

Jeff Miller | Kansas City Chiefs Vice President of Security

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