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Digital Ally Releases Most Advanced Cloud Software Update in its History

The ProVu shared portal enables Prosecutors to now request and receive video evidence and case files via the secured EVO-HD cloud software platform


Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) (the œCompany), which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced video recording products and other critical safety products for law enforcement, emergency management, fleet safety and security, today announced its newest cloud software update, EVO Cloud 1.8. Now available on the EVO Web Portal for all EVO-HD customers, EVO Cloud 1.8 is the Company™s most advanced software feature set to date for its innovative EVO-HD in-car video system. The most notable feature included is the highly anticipated ProVu shared portal.

The ProVu shared portal will allow District Attorneys and Prosecutors who oversee multiple police departments to securely request video evidence from remote locations. This feature eliminates a traditionally manual process performed by the requesting party and police department where unnecessary time and money are spent finding, reviewing, downloading, and shipping video evidence. All video requests and acknowledgement receipts will now be logged into the chain of custody report associated with the requested video.

œWe are extremely excited to release EVO Cloud 1.8, said Stan Ross, CEO of Digital Ally, adding œWith this update, EVO continues to prove its ability to evolve and add features without having to purchase new hardware or software.

The ProVu shared portal will be hosted on Digital Ally™s secured EVO Web Portal which is powered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is trusted by government sectors and private businesses like the DOJ, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Lockheed Martin.

œWe look forward to continuing to add new and innovative features that help law enforcement and prosecutors improve the safety and security of all concerned, concluded Ross.

About Digital Ally
Digital Ally®, headquartered in Lenexa, KS, specializes in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality video recording equipment and video analytic software. Digital Ally pushes the boundaries of technology in industries such as law enforcement, emergency management, fleet safety and security. Digital Ally™s complete product solutions include vehicle and body cameras, flexible software storage, automatic recording technology and various critical safety products. These products work seamlessly together and are simple to install and operate.  In addition, Digital Ally recently launched two new product lines including a non-contact thermometer/controlled-entry device under the Company™s ThermoVu brand and an EPA Category IV disinfectant/sanitizer under the Company™s Shield brand.  Digital Ally products are sold by domestic direct sales representatives and international distributors worldwide.

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Stanton Ross, CEO
Tom Heckman, CFO
Digital Ally, Inc

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