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Capture Truth

The Public Service Agency Solution for Digital Video

Digital Ally™ is an industry-leader in providing solid state digital video systems and telematics software for first responders that are cost effective and feature rich. All products designed by Digital Ally are simple to operate, increase driver safety and reduce agency liability while remaining budget-friendly. Maintaining the highest levels of safety and utilization, as well as delivering the highest quality of customer service and support has been, and always will be, Digital Ally's top priority.

Digital Ally also offers simple, yet powerful storage and management options to assist in the organization, analysis and management of video information for EMS companies and fire stations. The options available allow for real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Customizable reports and alerts provide in-depth tracking methods to help analyze fleet performance.

Why Video?

Increase Driver Safety - Driver Behavior Modification
Asset Management - Risk Reduction

True Video Solution

Vehicle video event recorders have existed for many years but Digital Ally is the first to bridge the gap by bringing together software and hardware to create a true video solution for fire and EMS vehicles. We are the only video company that can connect in-car video, body cameras & the back office software into one complete solution.


Studies have repeatedly shown that when video is deployed in a vehicle, Driver performance and professionalism increase dramatically and there is a reduction in driver issues. Video deployments coincide with an increase in driver efficiency and the ability to accurately capture time-sensitive circumstances.


All of our video systems are extremely secure and through our back office software your agency can generate chain of custody reports and audit logs to ensure that the digital video evidence shown is exactly what was created and has not been edited, tampered with or altered in anyway.

The Digital Ally 250 Plus cameras have proven to be reliable and provide excellent video and sound quality. There is also a GPS Dongle that provides a mapping view of the vehicle when the file is played back, displaying a Bread crumb trail. Installation is straightforward and there are many options to choose from as to what and when you want to record video.

-Drew from Mobile Life Support Services | Featured in Aug. 2012 Issue of EMS World Magazine