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VP of Sports & Entertainment 

Bryan Pettigrew joins Digital Ally after 30 years of developing successful strategic marketing and sales plans for domestic and international businesses. Mr. Pettigrew has worked for publicly traded and private companies and has an extensive background with Sports franchises and leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA TOUR, Equine); Video Gaming industry (eSports); Entertainment production; developing Group Purchasing programs; and producing events / marketing platforms for Health Care clients.

Mr. Pettigrew was most recently employed by the PGA TOUR and SPORTFIVE to manage and operate the Barbasol Championship in Lexington, KY. Prior to this position, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Breeders™ Cup Limited, Thoroughbred racing™s year-end, world championships.

Mr. Pettigrew has worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a marketing consultant, including McDonald™s, BASF Chemical, John Deere, AT&T Mobile, EA Sports, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft and Best Buy. His background in business, media, sports, finance, and administration has made him an expert at capitalizing on his professional networks and experiences that have led to merger & acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, developing operational plans and securing financial agreements.

Mr. Pettigrew has developed award-winning international and national marketing programs and events. He is driven by details and long-term visions found in specialized business plans that implement innovation and growth strategies.

Mr. Pettigrew has served as chairman for First Tee Greater Lexington and Race For Education and as board member for numerous other organizations that focus on youth development, promoting education to underserved communities, protecting women and children, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Mr. Pettigrew earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Oklahoma.


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