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Brody Green, President, is responsible for optimizing Digital Ally’s efforts in innovation, growth and profit moving forward. Mr. Green brings expertise in driving business growth, navigating SEC regulations, and fostering relationships within the capital markets. Aiding in Mr. Green’s leadership of Digital Ally is his family’s intimate background in law enforcement with nationwide connections and in-depth knowledge.

Prior to his role as President, Mr. Green served as the Chief Accounting Officer of Digital Ally, where he played a pivotal role in optimizing financial operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. His tenure as a financial leader equipped him with a deep understanding of SEC matters, enabling him to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with confidence and precision.

Before joining Digital Ally, Mr. Green was in the audit practice for one of the largest auditing, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services organizations in the world, including experience with several facets of SEC financial reporting and compliance matters.

Mr. Green’s commitment to excellence and his keen understanding of the law enforcement industry will prove instrumental in driving Digital Ally’s success and growth. Under his guidance, the company will continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement agencies worldwide.


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