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Standing Pole-Mounted

Body Thermometer

ThermoVuTM is a no-contact temperature measuring instrument that measures wrist temperature. It provides an abnormal temperature alarm and counting features “ and is mounted on a pole with adjustable heights. ThermoVu can be widely applied in schools, office buildings, communities, subway stations, airports, etc.

ThermoVu Pole-Mounted Body Thermometer

Quick Fever Detection

20-30 Persons/Minute

With a real-time audible alarm and accurate temperature measurement (±0.54°F/0.3°C), this no-contact wrist measurement body thermometer is perfect for schools, office buildings and more. ThermoVu also boasts a large 7″ display for easy temperature viewing.

ThermoVu Body Thermometer

No-Contact Temperature Screening

Reducing the risk of spreading germs

Easily and quickly get an accurate temperature reading from a safe distance of 1-2 inches. The pole is adjustable so the device can go up to 5™ ¾ in height.


Measurement Area


Measurement Range

86°F – 113°F (30°C – 45°C)


0.18°F (0.1°C)

Measurement deviation

± 0.54°F (0.3°C)

Measurement distance

1-2 inches


7 touch screen

Alarm mode

Sound alarm


Alarm count, normal count (resettable)


Stainless steel


LAN×1, Alarm Input×2, Alarm Output×1

Power supply

DC 12V±25% input

Operating temperature

50°F – 104°F (10°C to 40°C)

Operating humidity

<95%, non-condensing

Application Situation

Indoor, windless environment

ThermoVu is a beautiful device that makes temperature scans fast and convenient for everyone entering the building. Plus it helps make everyone feel safer to come into the office.

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