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Complete Video & Telematics

Management Solution

Generate driver reports, identify at risk behaviors before an incident takes place, manage the entire fleet through a single, easy to use platform.

Drive ROI

Comprehensive View

At a Glance

FleetVu allows fleet managers to gain a complete view of the entire fleet from the home screen – quickly understanding drivers and vehicles.

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Identify Events

Review Video

A complete summary of all video events can be custom filtered to specific reports. Review individual incidences, meta-data and share video from a single page.

Track Data

Coach Drivers

Generate individual reports to reward safe driving or learn potential risks from hard braking, cornering, acceleration or other behaviors.

Metric Tracking 

Mobile Connectivity 

From Anywhere

FleetVu Mobile allows drivers to complete a customized pre & post operation review of the vehicle. Through FleetVu Mobile drivers and fleet managers can be in direct contact, sending alerts, reviewing video, upload photos or requesting explanations for events. If involved in an accident an incident report can be created from the scene of the accident.

Protect Assets

Closed Loop

Safety Process 

The complete FleetVu Manager suite creates a record between drivers and fleet managers to document exemplary safety records or challenges. Obtaining the ultimate goal of safety and security of drivers and passengers.

Designate Zones 

Here at Pafford EMS we strive to make sure our drivers, patients, and community reach their destinations safely each day. By using Digital Ally™s FleetVu software, it has helped us do just that. Our drivers are more aware of their surroundings and others as they travel the roads daily. The camera systems provide great information back to us and are easy to use and understand.

Brenda Medina | Pafford EMS (AR)

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