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Small. Mighty. Intelligent.

The Evolution of Vehicle Telematics

Digital Ally™s newest fleet video system utilizes the latest innovations in telematics technology. Compact in form factor yet rich in features, the EVO Fleet Vehicle Camera offers artificial intelligence providing immediate driver-assist feedback by recognizing pedestrians, distracted or drowsy driving, and lane drifting.

EVO Fleet

Vehicle Tracking

Protect Your Assets

Track your fleet and provide remote notifications to improve driver behavior and customer satisfaction with our easy-to-install and easy-to-manage fleet video system.

Fleet Vehicle

A Fleet In Focus

Monitor Driver Behavior

Digital Ally™s complete video and software management solutions provide unmatched driver and asset management all while delivering the ROI that matters most: the safety and security of your drivers.

Vehicle Tracking

See what™s happening on the road

Take control and transform fleet safety by improving driver safety and helping to prevent accidents. Review road- and driver-facing camera video footage side by side to bring your fleet into focus. 

Truck on a bridge

Vehicle Telematics

Get the full story in vivid, HD detail

Review high-definition footage of aggressive driving, distracted driving, near-misses, and collisions to increase driver accountability and improve driver habits and safety. 

EVO Features

Protect your Business

Defend against false claims with proof.

Review video footage of both the inside and outside of the vehicle to help exonerate your drivers in the event of a false claim and reduce associated costs with accidents.

EVO Fleet Detail


Video Resolution

1080P HD Recording at 30 FPS


Up to 1 TB of Storage


4G LTE connectivity

Live View

A.I. interface with real-time alerts and notifications
Live streaming capable
Live GPS tracking
Video on demand

Simultaneous Stream

Can record up to 4 streams of video simultaneously

As a customer of Digital Ally since 2010 and with a fleet of over seventy-five vehicles, we are constantly reminded of the exceptional customer support and service that is provided. Additionally, I find the Digital Ally camera superior in comparison to others in quality and features. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Digital Ally for many years to come.

Paul M. Jakuboski, General Manager | Exceptional Medical Transportation | West Berlin, New Jersey

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