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Solid State

Digital Video Mirror (DVM)

Compact, powerful and easy to use system replaces a factory rearview mirror. Digital Ally’s continuation in the family of highly successful DVMs is a time-tested solution for commercial fleet vehicles.

Solid State

Multi-Camera Options

Customizable Angles

The DVM-250 contains two built-in cameras, one road and one cabin facing. The DVM-250 can be equipped with up to four additional cameras with two recording streams – customized to record high risk areas around vehicles. Optional backup camera display keeps drivers informed of their surroundings.

Multi-Camera Options

Subscription Payment Plan

Budget-friendly Monthly Financing

With several subscription packages available and versatility to match fleet manager™s unique needs, outfit vehicles with hardware and software to increase driver and passenger safety  without breaking the bank. Starting as low as $36.95/month/unit.

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Commercial Subscription Program

Capture Events

Review Driver Behavior

Review and coach drivers, increasing overall driver and passenger safety resulting in reduced liability.

Critical Capture

Never Miss an Important Event

Pre-Event: When enabled the system is always recording up to the last 30 seconds capturing the events leading up to the activation of a recording.

Evidence Capture Assurance® (ECA): When enabled, ECA provides a continuous loop of recording that allows a fleet manager to go back and look at video from an entire shift.

Critical Capture

Asset Tracking Unit (ATU)

Real Time Updates

The unit adds powerful GPS tracking, mapping, vehicle maintenance reports, starter disable, geofencing, posted speed violations, health checks and can serve as a mobile hotspot.

Asset Tracking Unit (ATU)

FleetVu Manager

Complete Video & Telematics Management Solution

Digital Ally provides commercial fleet managers with the digital video tools they need to increase driver and passenger safety, track assets in real-time and minimize company liability risks. Generate driver reports, identify at risk behaviors before an incident takes place, manage the entire fleet through a single, easy to use platform.

FleetVu Manager


Video Resolution



32GB Internal
16GB External

Number of Cameras

2 internal included
(Up-to 4 external optional)

Simultaneous Stream

Up to 2


Up to 30s

Internal Triggers

GPS based on locations of interest and distance from home base
Record button

External Triggers

Emergency lights
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Toggle switches etc.

Video Upload

Manual (Local software only)


3 years included

In a recent expansion of our partnership to our Colorado Springs fleet, we spent 60 days focusing on driver behavior and using it as a coaching period. With a few key changes to our driver safety strategy, zTrip has been able to realize an 80% reduction in claims in only eight months thanks to Digital Ally™s innovative technology.


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