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Drive ROI 

With Real-time Updates

The unit adds powerful GPS tracking, mapping, vehicle maintenance reports, starter disable, geofencing, posted speed violations, health checks and can serve as a mobile hotspot.

Drive ROI 

Mobile Hotspot 

LTE Connectivity 

When paired with a digital video event recorder, transfer video to the cloud via LTE cell connectivity.

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Improve The Fleet

Locate Assets

With powerful GPS tracking and mapping, learn the location of assets in real time.

Metric Tracking 

Maintenance Reporting 

Track and receive mileage alerts to know when important vehicle maintenance is needed such as oil changes and tire rotations.

Metric Tracking 

Protect Assets

From Unauthorized Use

Digital Ally understands the importance of high value assets. With the ATU, fleet managers have the ability to remote activate a camera or deactivate a vehicle starter.

Protect Assets

Designate Zones 

Receive Alerts

Create customized geofence fields to automatically receive alerts via text or email when a vehicle is entering and leaving the designated area.

Designate Zones 

System Connectivity Check 

Seamless Integration  

When paired with a video event recorder, know instantly what devices are connected and the status of video uploads. If an error occurs fleet managers can spot the problem and request more information.

System Connectivity Check 





Idle time
Driver behavior (harsh braking, acceleration, etc)
Vehicle battery low
Device disconnection

Notifications (future)

Scheduled preventative maintenance

Outputs (future)

Event Record Triggers
Starter disable


1 year included

œAs a customer of Digital Ally since 2010 and with a fleet of over 75 vehicles, we are constantly reminded of the exceptional customer support and service that is provided. Additionally, I find the Digital Ally camera superior in comparison to others in quality and features. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Digital Ally for many years to come.

Paul M. Jakuboski, General Manager | Exceptional Medical Transportation (NJ)

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