Body-Worn Camera

Most Versatile Body Camera on the Market

Digital Ally™ designs and manufactures the most versatile body camera on the market. Our two-piece design allows for multiple different mounting options all while minimizing space and weight during use.

HD Body Camera Collection

Protection for everyone!

Are You Protected?

Studies have consistently shown that by deploying body worn cameras, departments see a reduction in the number of complaints and use of force incidents. With permanent metadata embedded in every video, departments can be confident that their evidence will be the highest quality and maintain strict chain of custody.

Over a 12 month period, there was a reduction of use of force incidents by roughly 50%. Complaints against Police fell 90% during the same period.

-A Field Experiment on Effect of Body Worn Cameras on Police Use of Force | University of Cambridge's Institute of Criminology

High Definition Video & Audio

720p Resolution With 130 Degree Angle Field of View

The camera captures exactly what you see during the incident. HD audio recording built into the camera.

FirstVu HD Chest Camera

Smart Docking Station

Dock & Go

With the FirstVu HD body-worn camera Smart Docking Station you can automatically upload recorded videos onto FleetVu Manager server or onto FleetVu cloud service.

Charge & Upload Simultaneously

Immediately Begins When Connected

Our 12-Unit smart docking station has a 500GB local memory hard drive that allows for a faster transfer of data to local or cloud software storage. This unit also can simultaneously upload 4 hours per 12 FirstVu HD cameras within a 15 minute shift change. All of this while charging units and making updates to any configuration needed for your devices.

Focus on the Job, not your video

Reduce Distractions

VuLink® wirelessly activates all of your Digital Ally& video systems automatically and simultaneously.