The Complete Video Solution

Digital Ally's first product in a new family of non-mirrored in-car systems maximizes space and offers top-end reliability paired with unbeatable back-end customer support.

EVO-HD Collection

The System

Completely New and Highly Advanced

A revolutionary non-mirrored system will give your department versatility and reliability. The miniaturized system can be custom mounted to fit your department’s needs. The EVO-HD can support up to four HD cameras with two cameras having pre-event and evidence capture assurance (ECA) capabilities.

EVO-HD Front

Complete Connectivity

Auto-Activation of the In-Car and Body-Worn Camera

Built-in patented auto-activation technology allows for multiple recording angles to be captured in sync when either your FirstVu HD body-worn camera or in-car camera is activated by a single trigger in VuLink. The EVO-HD display can be configured to work with your MDT, tablet or available monitor. The FirstVu HD will serve as the primary microphone (a wireless microphone will also be available).


Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Storage Powered by Amazon Web Services

Cloud is the future in video storage. EVO-HD is designed with the purpose of utilizing our partnership with the world-wide leader in cloud software, Amazon Web Services. Our cloud connectivity allows for easy upload to VuVault.com, near real-time mapping and system health to be monitored.


Additional Features

• Remote trouble shooting and firmware updates

• Simultaneous audio and video playback

• Auto-activation by dispatch

• 128GB internal storage

• Up to 2TB external SSD storage

Complete Solution

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