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VuVault Video Management Software Video Playback Screen

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Generate or create numerous video, event or driver reports Customizable Reports
Generate reports such as Video Details (info about recordings), Video Summaries (synopsis of recordings), Device Activities (event and trigger counts), Device Exceptions (devices that have not uploaded), Device Histories (specific video system's recordings), Operators (specific driver's recordings), Recording Triggers (specific trigger's recordings), Chain of Custody (activity logs), or create your own.

GPS Route Mapping Playback Software
VuVault™ VideoManager Playback Screen with GPS Map Window Open

Optional VuVault™ VideoManager Server Secure Centralized Management Software

More Features Coming Soon!
We're always working to improve our VuVault™ management and reporting software, and new features are added on an ongoing basis and made available as free updates to VuVault™ customers.

User-Friendly Yet Powerful Software
VuVault™ is a robust, user-friendly software package for playback, searching and retrieving video, annotating, file management and archiving. It has the ability to do everything VideoManager II could with a new framework that will completely eclipse the old VideoManager line, both in terms of capabilities and usability.

Easy and Versatile Uploading
Recordings can be uploaded to a specific File Server Share. For manual uploads, the user will be presented with a list of available shares for upload based on their individual access settings. A default selection will be displayed to assist the user. Wireless uploads may additionally be set to automatically use a specific share.

Search and Retrieve Video
Search and retrieve video based on a variety of criteria, such as: Device Name, User Defined Fields and Tags, User Name, Vehicle ID, Text, Date/Time, Index #, Mark, Event Triggers, Event ID, GPS, Notes and other customized parameters. The Search Screen may be customized to display the search criteria that is most useful to you.

User Defined Device Event Fields
User Defined Fields are completely customizable and apply to all recordings. They display on the playback screen and information can be entered into the fields by any user with normal edit permissions. The fields are also available for advanced searching and reporting. When marked as inactive, they will not display on the interface but will retain associated data and allow search and reporting functionality.

Easy Playback
Recordings from Digital Ally video systems may be played back with the VuVault™ VideoManager software interface, a mini-player (automatically exported with video clips from VuVault), or Windows Media Player and other compatible software (may require codec).

Multi-Channel Playback
Simultaneously or individually play two channels of video (such as from the DVM-750 in-car video system, which records two cameras simultaneously) and all channels of audio.

GPS Mapping
Open an overhead map to view routes traversed in videos along with the location of “marked” events. View multiple routes simultaneously, highlight routes, track “current position” during playback, access detailed information for start, stop, and “marked” points, and more.

Annotate Video
Add notes and annotations to video frames such as Offense, Drivers License #, Ticket #, Notes, Comments, Etc.

Burn to DVD
Burn individual events, multiple events or segments of events to DVD for easy playback in the department or court room on any standard DVD player.

Capture Screenshots
Save, print or email captured frames of video.

Archive Solutions
Automatically or manually archive to Blue-ray, DVDs, CDs, Hard Drives or Tape for short and long term storage solutions.

Security and Authenticity
Digital Ally employs many methods to secure and authenticate recordings at every stage of the process, from locks and individualized code access requirements at the video system level to proprietary watermarking of the actual video files or usage logs and data integrity checks for chain of custody reports in VuVault.

Windows Compatible Computer
Software can be run on any Windows compatible computer with Windows 7 Pro or newer Windows OS.


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