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The Benefits of Video for Law Enforcement and Security

Since the report by the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) on in-car video, numerous studies and polls have shown the power of video in law enforcement. For instance, 82% of drunk driving offenders have been shown to plead no contest and filed complaints against officers are reduced 97% upon learning of video evidence. When available, in-car video has been found to vindicate officers 99.1% of the time.

With this knowledge and a greater understanding of how the systems work, officer acceptance of video has also increased. 93% of officers were found to be in favor of having in-car video in their patrol cars.

The IACP study also found prosecutors, juries, and the general public were beginning to expect video evidence and that prosecutors were concerned that juries were becoming suspicious when video evidence was not available.

Video Consistently Provides:

  • Reduction in Frivolous Law Suits
  • Reduced Agency Liability
  • Increased Successful Prosecutions
  • Reduced Officer Court Appearance Time
  • Improved Community/Media Perception of Police
  • Improved Officer Safety
  • Useful In-Service Training (Post-Incident)
  • Heightened Officer Performance and Professionalism
  • Simplified Incident Review & Report Writing*

However, “about 90 percent of what police do is away from the car” (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/3/04). In-car video can not accompany an officer up to the door or inside a building. It can not see what the officer saw that caused him to pull his weapon. In-car video can record the officer walking up to a car and what transpires around it, but it cannot document what the officer saw inside the car while talking to the driver.

Body cameras are perfect to augment In-Car cameras for:

  • DUI Stops
  • Proper & Needed Use of Restraints
  • Lawful Use of Force
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Domestic Violence Calls
  • Establishing Probable Cause
  • Lawful Entry
  • Attempted Suicide Calls
  • And More...

*Body Cameras have been shown to reduce paperwork by more than 30%, allowing officers to spend more time on patrol, reduce use of force incidents by 50-60% and reduce the number of complaints by 90%.

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