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A high speed tree impact during pursuit only scratched the video system
High Speed Impacts

This rollover couldn't damage the video system

This DVM stopped the bullet from an AK47 assault rifle
This DVM actually stopped the bullet from an AK47 assault rifle and saved the officer's life.

Video Systems Designed To Be As Tough As Their Users

Law enforcement equipment has to take a lot of abuse. From heavy usage and harsh environmental conditions to serious vehicular accidents, it simply has to continue operating. In fact, some of the most important evidence is recorded in situations where video systems take the worst battering.

That's why Digital Ally's devices are designed to withstand everything the job dishes out. Even the crashes shown to the left couldn't do more than scratch the surface! The systems remained completely functional and the videos from the incidents were fully intact.

The in-car video systems aren't our only units designed to take a beating, either. The Digital Video Flashlight is encased in water-resistant machined aluminum armor, and the lightweight, officer-worn FirstVus have a protective water-resistant rubberized body. The FirstVu also includes the most stable, secure wearable mounts so the system stays on target and does not fall off in a fray. The DV-440Ultra is actually intended to be used in constantly wet or otherwise harsh environmental conditions, being a video system designed for motorcycles, boats, ATVs, etc.

Furthermore, the memory in all of Digital Ally's systems utilizes solid state technology, the most rugged and reliable evidence recording medium. Although hard drives have improved greatly in the past couple of years for shock and vibration resistance, a hard drive has moving parts such as bearings, motors, and platters spinning at high rates of speed. Given the general nature of DVD and hard drives, their performance and the ability to accurately store and write information is simply less reliable, especially with high usage, cold and heat from climate conditions, vibration and impacts.

The Laser Ally™ LIDAR Speed Guns are also ruggedized for heavy use and harsh environmental conditions. The gun's waterproof body is composed of a polycarbonate ABS blend for strength and chemical resistance. Critical alignment components are tied together by a second internal die cast metal structure to survive a drop to concrete.

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