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The unique features, space-saving characteristics, and cost-effectiveness of Digital Ally’s commercial fleet and police cameras and other law enforcement surveillance equipment have gained them an ever-increasing presence in law enforcement, security and other markets. Customers have been so impressed by the video systems' performance that over half of our camera orders are from existent clients. Click here to read some of their comments or continue on to learn more about our police cameras and law enforcement surveillance equipment...

In Car Police Cameras
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Digital Ally’s Digital In-Car Video System Police Cameras utilizes the latest generation of technology that is so small and advanced that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a replacement rear view mirror. Simply remove the factory rear view mirror and install the Digital Ally DVM system. The video monitor is located behind a high quality “one-way” mirror so that when it’s not in use, it’s invisible. The unique design of the police camera system allows it to be easily installed in any make or model of vehicle now and in the future without taking up any extra space or interfering with any other equipment.

Officer Worn Surveillance Equipment

Digital Ally’s FirstVu Pro Body-Worn Audio/Video Systems & Digital Police Cameras capture hands-free evidence from your point of view. The FirstVu HD Body Camera is a small, lightweight, modular officer-worn police camera that lets you record whenever and wherever you need it. Collect evidence while you protect against law suits, streamline reporting, and much more. The FirstVu Body Cam is integrated into a single compact enclosure, eliminating the need for additional wires or components.

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Flashlight Police Cameras

The New Generation of Digital Video technology being utilized in our Digital Video Flashlight Police Cameras is so small and advanced that the entire digital video and audio recording surveillance equipment is integrated into a high quality, water resistant machined aluminum law enforcement style flashlight. The size, shape and weight is the same as traditional flashlights.

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Laser Ally LIDAR Speed Guns

Laser Ally Speed Guns track right through obstructions like branches or posts, adverse weather, and the most cutting-edge jammers; shoot through patrol car windows; target in congested traffic and more. Small, light and balanced, they have a 1/3-sec. acquisition time and can acquire a vehicle at up to over a mile away.

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Surveillance Management Systems

Every Digital Ally Police Camera Video System can utilize our powerful, user-friendly software for easy playback, reporting, security and authenticity, customizable surveillance video retrieval searches, DVD output and other archiving solutions, the ability to annotate police camera video, and more on Windows compatible computers.

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