In-Car Video System

DVM-250 Plus Video Event Recorder

Our patented design utilizes the latest technology in order to integrate the entire system into a rear view mirror.

We've found our crew members are more conscious. Not that they necessarily know they're being monitored, but they definitely seem more alert. They're more aware of what we expect out of them and they know if they do something wrong they will be held accountable for it.

-Andrew Smith | Butler Medical Transport (EMS World Magazine - Nov 2013)

Never miss an important Event

Pre-Event Recording

With Pre-Event enabled the system is always recording the last 30-60 seconds to capture the events leading up to the activation of a recording.

DVM-250 Video Event Recorder mirror controls

Continuous Loop Recording

The system is set to record on a continuous loop. Individual events are recorded but the continuous loop enables an agency's manager to go back and look at video from an entire shift.

Uncomplicated Design

Easy to Install - Simple to Use - Highly Configurable

Event recorders can be configured to power up with vehicle, login instantly, automatically activate with variety of triggers, and wirelessly upload videos.

Back of DVM-250 Dash Camera

High Quality Video & Audio

Enhanced D1 Resolution

Two built-in cameras in the rear view mirror with the option to add additional cameras. Capability to record on two channels simultaneusly.

-30dBV Internal Microphone

Ensures that clear audio is always captured.

VuLink® Collection

Sync your devices with VuLink

VuLink is the first product on the market to fully integrate event recorder and body-worn video. The patented technology behind VuLink enables automatic activation of your in-car camera, optional wireless microphone and body-worn video camera.

Complete Solution with DVM-250 In-Car video camera, VuLink Patented Automatic Recording Technology and FirstVu HD body camera

Focus on the Job, not your video

Reduce Distractions

VuLink wirelessly activates all of your Digital Ally video systems automatically and simultaneously.

VuLink Patented Automatic Recording Technology

Additional Cameras with DVM-250 Plus

DVM-250 License Plate Camera

Backup Camera

DVM-250 Internal Passenger Camera

Passenger Camera

DVM-250 External Side Mount Camera

Side Mount External Camera

Optional Triggers

Integrated with Interface Box

Just about anything in the vehicle that can output a 12 Volt Signal can be configured to trigger your event recorder. Below are the most common of these:

  • Brake Lights
  • Turn Signal
  • Reverse Gear
  • Covert Panic Button
  • Door Sensors

DVM-250 Interface Box


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