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Video Coverage and Announcements from Digital Ally's 2011 IACP Booth

At the 2011 IACP Conference in Chicago, Digital Ally's drawing for a free DVM-100 In-Car Video System, DVM-400 In-Car Video System, FirstVu Evidentiary Worn/Mounted Video System & Camera, and Laser Ally Handheld LIDAR Speed Gun helped to produce record-breaking product interest. Here are the winners. Digital Ally also launched several new products at the show, including:

Digital Ally is giving away over $8000 in prizes this year at the IACP
DVM-100 In-Car Video System
  • Compact Design that is easy to install and operate
  • Integrated 3.5" Color Monitor - invisible when not in use
  • Integrated Road Facing Video / 2MP Still-Image Camera
  • Detailed Metadata (date/time, marks, user, event ID, etc.)
  • The Most Durable & Reliable Memory
  • Internal Memory with redundancy when using an SD card
  • Pre-Event Recording & Auto-Record Trigger
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Mic
  • Powerful Back Office Software included and more...
$1895 Law Enforcement Grade In-Car Video System for $1895

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DVM-400 In-Car Video System
With the same basic design and features as Digital Ally's DVM-100, the DVM-400 remains budget-friendly while granting greater camera capabilities:
  • Replaces the Integrated Camera for an External 10x Forward Camera with zooming and more positioning control
  • Adds an External Backseat Camera to record suspects after they have been placed in the vehicle
The New DVM-400 In-Car Video System
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OnCommand IS1 Laptop/MDC Interface Software
This software allows a laptop, MDT or MDC complete control of Digital Ally's DVM-750 In-Car Video System.
  • Touchscreen or keyboard control
  • Display one or both camera views on the laptop monitor
  • Video windows are individually scalable
  • Restores DVM button functionality if MDT/MDC communication is lost
Control the DVM-750 In-Car Video System from a Laptop
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New Laser Ally LIDAR Products & Capabilities
New LIDAR photo, video and printing capabilities

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