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April 3, 2015  
Digital Ally named Title Sponsor of Tour's Kansas City Event in Five-Year Deal

March 23, 2015  
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces 2014 Operating Results and Provides 2015 Guidance

March 23, 2015  
Digital Ally Receives Patent for Traffic Scanning Lidar Speed Measurement Technology

March 17, 2015 
Digital Ally, Inc. files Motion to Assert Additional Claims in its Unfair Competition Suit Against Utility Associates, Inc.

March 16, 2015 
Digital Ally, Inc. to Discuss 2014 Operating Results on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Conference Call

February 26, 2015  
Digital Ally, Inc. to Present at 27th Annual ROTH Capital Conference on Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 23, 2015  
Digital Ally, Inc. Awarded GSA Schedule 84 Contract

February 11, 2015  
Digital Ally Expands Commercial Customer Base for Cloud-based FleetVU Manager Software Solution

February 2, 2015  
Digital Ally’s VuLink Body Cam Recognized as One of EMS World’s “Top New Product Innovations” for 2014

January 2015
Truth Collector: Digital Ally’s FirstVu HD Body Cam featured on the cover and inside the Jan. issue of Law Enforcement Technology

Jan. 12, 2015
Digital Ally to Present at Noble Financial Capital Markets’ Eleventh Annual Equity Conference on Monday, January 19, 2015

Dec. 5, 2014
Digital Ally may get boost from new call for body cameras

Nov. 19, 2014
Digital Ally to Present at LD MICRO “Main Event” Micro-Cap Growth Conference on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nov. 14, 2014
MicroVU HD Compact In-Car Video System and Cloud Storage Solution Generate Widespread Interest at 121st Annual IACP Conference; MicroVU HD and VuLink Selected for Innovation Awards by Respected Industry Publications

Nov. 13, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Operating Results

Oct. 27, 2014
Digital Ally Receives Body Camera Order from California Police Department that includes VuVault.NET Cloud Storage Solution - VuVault.NET Featured at International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando

Oct. 17, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces Receipt of Additional Purchase Orders from Its Exclusive Mexican Distributor - Follow-On Orders Involve Refurbishment and Spare Parts for Legacy In-Car Video Systems

Oct. 17, 2014
Cookeville, TN Police Department Selects Digital Ally’s Patented VuLink Connectivity for Officers and Law Enforcement Vehicles - Department to Supply Officers and Entire Vehicle Fleet with Digital Ally Video Capabilities

Sept. 26, 2014
Digital Ally Receives Order from US Military Police for FirstVu HD Body Cameras Linked To DVM-800 In-Car Video Systems

Sept. 19, 2014
Oliver Springs, TN Linking Body Cameras with In-Car Video Systems

Sept. 11, 2014
Digital Ally to Introduce “Bullet Camera” Option for FirstVu HD Body Cam at IACP Conference - FirstVu HD Price Reduced $200 for Digital Ally 10th Anniversary - over 1,300 agencies using or evaluating FirstVu HD

Sept. 9, 2014
Gibson County Sheriff’s Office deputies get body cameras

Aug. 28, 2014
Digital Ally Receives Order from State Police of Michigan Valued At More Than $1.1 Million - Inclusion of DVM-800 Increases Total Contract Value by Over 40% to $6.5 Million

Aug. 20, 2014
Inquiries Regarding Digital Ally’s FirstVU HD Body Camera Increase Dramatically During Past Week in Response to Civil Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri

Aug. 18, 2014
Ferguson may not have video systems, but Greenwood, MO's chief says they're "one piece of equipment I would never want to do without."

Aug. 13, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces Second Quarter Operating Results, DVM-800 Emerges As “Flagship” Product in Most Recent Quarter

May 12, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. To Host Second Quarter Conference Call on Thursday, August 14, 2014

July 10, 2014
Digital Receives VuLink™ Patent and Begins Shipping New Product to Law Enforcement Customers; DVM-800 Digital In-Car Video System and FirstVU HD Body Camera Continue to Gain Market Traction, Bolstered by VuLink Connectivity

July 10, 2014
Digital Ally Launches FleetVu Manager, a Cloud-Based Fleet Video Storage and Driver Management Solution

June 12, 2014
Digital Ally Asserts Claims Against Utility Associates Arising Out of False Press Release Claiming That Utility Had Sued Digital for Patent Infringement

June 6, 2014
Digital Ally Files Unfair Competition Lawsuit Against Utility Associates

June 2, 2014
Digital Ally to Present at LD MICRO "Invitational" Conference on Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 22, 2014
New Live Streaming, Mobile App, Cloud Storage and Other Options for FirstVu HD Body-Worn Video System Announced

May 14, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces First Quarter Operating Results - Revenue Increases 11% Relative to Fourth Quarter Of 2013

May 12, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. to Host First Quarter Conference Call on Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12, 2014
Digital Ally to Present at 15th Annual B. Riley & Co. Investor Conference on May 19, 2014

May 5, 2014
Small camera is a big help for Thibodaux Police

May 4, 2014
Lakehurst Police get the picture with body cameras

May 2, 2014
West Milton Police Replace Hard Drive In-Car Video Systems that were Prone to Failure

Apr. 21, 2014
Digital Ally Obtains Key Admission from Utility Associates in Patent Litigation

Apr. 17, 2014
Should you store your video evidence in the Cloud?

Apr. 13, 2014
Living the future of in-car video with Digital Ally

Apr. 1, 2014
4 reasons to love Digital Ally’s DVM-800 Enhanced-Resolution In-Car Camera System (A 5-year Advance Replacement warranty doesn't hurt)

Apr. 1, 2014
Pafford EMS Integrates Digital Ally DVM-250 VEDR with the ZOLL Road Safety System to Maximize Safety

Apr. 1, 2014
The Pittsville Police Chief is the winner of the month from our game, DVF Defender!
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Mar. 27, 2014
Midwest Motorcycle Challenge Scheduled for May 15-16 Features Exciting Exercises, Over $3400 of Drawing Prizes, Video of Your Ride & More

Mar. 27, 2014
Police Fleet Expo West Free Concert, Giveaway & Featured New Products

Mar. 27, 2014
Digital Ally, Inc. Announces 2013 Operating Results

Mar. 1, 2014
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service in IL, IN and MI has implemented Digital Ally’s DVM-250 Video Event Data Recorder in all of their ambulances

Mar. 1, 2014
Charles with the Veterans Affairs Police is the winner of the month from our game, DVF Defender!
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Feb. 27, 2014
Greenwood, MO has been making good use out of the FirstVu HD’s video and audio recording quality

Feb. 13, 2014
Two Evansville Officers Exonerated By FirstVu HD Footage In First 10 Days

Feb. 1, 2014
Officer Renkosiak, a patrolman in NC, is the winner of the month from our game, DVF Defender!
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Jan. 13, 2014
Digital Ally to Present at Noble Financial Capital Markets’ Tenth Annual Equity Conference on Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan. 6, 2014
Digital Ally To Present At Sidoti & Company’s Eighth Semiannual Micro-Cap Conference in New York City on January 13, 2014

Jan. 1, 2014
The Gray County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has been using Digital Ally's video systems to help prosecution and protect against complaints for 7 years...

Jan. 1, 2014
Capt. Brown with the DPSCS is the winner of the month from our game, DVF Defender!
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