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Digital Ally was created for the development and application of new concepts as well as to maximize the potential and cost-effectiveness of existing industry tools. This flexibility allows us to compete in established markets as we simultaneously promote various industries' transitions towards more advanced technologies.

Our broadly experienced, multi-disciplined engineering, sales and support staff, along with contracted assistance from other cutting-edge firms, allows the integration of electronic, radio, computer, mechanical and multi-media technologies into unique solutions. Our "think tank" approach allows Digital Ally to ensure that our products represent the "best fit" in each category.

When Digital Ally first established a presence in the law enforcement and security industries, it revolutionized mobile video by introducing a complete digital video system integrated into a rear-view mirror. The DVM-500 in-car video system provided far more efficient use of space in patrol vehicles at the same time as providing a user-friendly system that could not only be automated, but positioned so that it didn’t distract users. In fact, the monitor is invisible when not in use. The DVM-500 digital video mirror concept also saved departments on installation time and expense through simple factory mirror replacement.

Digital Ally was also a pioneer in using Compact Flash Cards for in-car video recording. Since solid state memory has no moving parts, it was more rugged, durable and reliable than other mediums. Although the idea met a great deal of initial doubt and resistance, Digital Ally stuck to its guns. “We knew the importance the evidence recorded on our systems could have, from assisting convictions to protecting officers,” stated Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc. Today, solid state memory has not only become one of the most widely used mediums, but also remains the best.

Digital Ally’s in-car (and other vehicle) video systems offer many powerful features, such as integrated GPS with a “mark” feature to tag important events, locations or audible notes; pre-event recording to capture events that transpired before activating record; higher standards in evidence security and chain of custody protection; numerous automatic record options; low power consumption and an internal backup battery for continuous operation in case of unexpected power loss; wireless download and streaming video options; and more. In order to make recorded evidence even more usable, Digital Ally also developed a robust back office software solution for the management, review, burning and archiving of recorded evidence. This user-friendly software allows for advanced searching and retrieving, playback, annotating, still image or video clip distribution, management options and even includes real-time mapping capabilities for better utilization of GPS data.

Digital Ally also revolutionized the audio capabilities of in-car video systems with the VoiceVault™ Advanced Wireless Mic. The VoiceVault is the remote mic for Digital Ally’s DVM-750, DVM-500Plus and DV-500Ultra mobile video systems and provides an incredible, extended range by adjusting the transmit power as distance increases. Since the connection between any vehicle’s system and its remote mic can be interrupted, however, Digital Ally introduced the unique ability for the VoiceVault to continue documenting during those times by simply recording the audio onto its own internal memory. With internal memory, the VoiceVault also gave officers the ability to take audible notes. Time stamp information is also captured, providing a complete context for any audio recordings. Once in Digital Ally’s back office software, the separate audio recordings of the VoiceVault then synch back with the in-car video recordings.

To assist officers in obtaining evidence while away from their vehicles and provide other angles from the in-car video system, Digital Ally introduced the DVF-500. The DVF (Digital Video Flashlight) is a complete digital video system integrated into a flashlight. Although the DVF-500 remains incredibly powerful and versatile in its ability to work as a flashlight and/or handheld audio/video recorder, Digital Ally wanted to provide even more options and began focusing on developing a hands-free video system that could both be worn and mounted in a vehicle (or just about anywhere else).

In 2009, Digital Ally unveiled the FirstVu™ evidentiary, wearable or mountable audio/video system and digital camera. Unlike most other body worn video systems, the FirstVu granted some of the powerful capabilities of in-car video technology and was completely self-contained to provide complete versatility for mounting locations without cables to interfere with officer movement. Both impact and weather resistant, the FirstVu continues to utilize solid state memory to be unaffected by violent motion. An advanced clip system allows secure locking or quick transfer between various locations, such as from the wearable motion-canceling uniform insert to the windshield of a vehicle.

The FirstVu also features LED or Infrared illumination for recording in low light; the ability to take still images; pre-event recording capabilities; extensive chain of custody protection; high-resolution video with an integrated LCD screen for review; wide-angle camera view; “Mark” feature; ability to add detailed meta information such as Event ID, Incident ID, Age, Ethnicity, and more; 16GB of secure internal memory and optional removable microSD cards to add memory or activate redundant recording; a long-lasting rechargeable and quickly removable lithium polymer battery; and more.

Although Digital Ally’s development team continues to improve our existent products, having created such an extremely comprehensive line of video systems, the company began considering other useful evidence collection tools. Working with one of the leading experts in LIDAR, Digital Ally introduced the breakthrough Laser Ally hand-held LIDAR speed gun in 2010. LIDAR was selected over RADAR primarily because of the technology’s greater accuracy, including the ability to pinpoint a single vehicle in congested traffic.

The Laser Ally was immediately added to the IACP Conforming Product List (CPL) and received acclaim from users for its unmatched ease and comfort of use, incredibly fast acquisition time, extended range even through patrol car windows or adverse weather, true continuous tracking even through obstacles, separate internal die cast structure and diagnostic safeguards to maintain accuracy, true color 1:1 head up display for accurate identification without eye strain and other features. The Laser Ally also includes the most advanced anti-jamming technology and has been found to be the only LIDAR that could not be detected or jammed in third party tests.

However, with the financial crisis continuing to cause budget cuts across the globe, Digital Ally then returned to developing in-car video systems. By removing a few features and utilizing newer technology and materials that were lower cost than had previously been available, Digital Ally was able to launch a new line of mobile video systems that were less expensive than any comparable professional/law enforcement grade systems. Both the DVM-100 and DVM-400 were launched in 2011, and have since allowed numerous agencies to purchase in-car video systems that would not have otherwise been able to purchase any or as many systems as they needed.

That same year, Digital Ally also launched a line of in-car video systems that would allow every other type of fleet to receive the safety and liability protection that vehicle recorders provide. Most fleets simply did not need many of the expensive components in Digital Ally's law enforcement grade in-car video systems, and their removal allowed for the highly cost-effective DVM-250 line of Video Event Data Recorders to be born. Customized for numerous fleet applications and supported by Digital Ally's powerful management and reporting software, fleets in a variety of new industries are now receiving an unprecedented level of risk management and ROI for the cost.

In 2013, Digital Ally continued the improvement of its existent product line with the release of the FirstVu HD and DV-440Ultra. The FirstVu HD represented a lighter, smaller, more versatile and higher quality body camera video system. Similarly, the DV-440Ultra was smaller, lighter and more compact than Digital Ally's previous waterproof video system for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, etc.

With more products and innovations already in the works, Digital Ally continues to strive towards arming every industry with the ultimate liability protection, performance and enforcement, and evidence recording capabilities coupled with convenience and ease of use to maintain the highest levels of safety and utilization. “Our focus remains on protecting and serving those who have devoted themselves to doing the same for us,” vows Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally. “That’s what thousands have come to expect from us, and that’s what we’ll continue to deliver.”

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