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Ambulance or Apparatus Video System
DVM-250 & DVM-250Plus VEDR Video Event Data Recorders
A professional event recorder integrated into a rear-view mirror to maximize placement and cost benefits.

HD Body Cam
FirstVu™ HD Worn Video System
A lightweight, compact new body camera to capture hands-free video & optional audio from your point of view wherever you go, even in low light.

Waterproof Camera System
DV-440Ultra Video Systems
A new, more compact, vibration & waterproof video system for motorcycles, ATVs, EVs, boats & more.

Play Digital Ally's free game, DVF Defender, for a chance to win a monthly prize

Play our free game for a chance to win a monthly prize

Digital Ally Advanced Digital Video Systems
Digital Ally is a technology-driven company specializing in advanced digital video cameras for first responders, fleet event recorders and management / reporting software. Utilizing the newest generation of technology, we developed the industry’s first Digital In-Car Video System integrated into a rear view mirror; compact, waterproof video systems; personal body cameras; a digital video system integrated into a flashlight; a revolutionary wireless microphone; and robust fleet management & reporting software. Used by everyone from EMTs to commercial drivers, the military to police and security, Digital Ally’s video systems offer the features and reliability you need.


Latest News

Apr. 21, 2014
Digital Ally Obtains Key Admission from Utility Associates in Patent Litigation

Apr. 17, 2014
Should you store your video evidence in the Cloud?

Apr. 13, 2014
Living the future of in-car video with Digital Ally

Apr. 1, 2014
4 reasons to love Digital Ally’s DVM-800 Enhanced-Resolution In-Car Camera System (A 5-year Advance Replacement warranty doesn't hurt)

Apr. 1, 2014
Pafford EMS Integrates Digital Ally DVM-250 VEDR with the ZOLL Road Safety System to Maximize Safety

Apr. 1, 2014
The Pittsville Police Chief is the winner of the month from our game, DVF Defender!
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Upcoming & Featured Events

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Jan. 20, 2014
Digital Ally Presented at Noble Financial Capital Markets’ 10th Annual Equity Conference in Sandpiper Bay, FL.
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Apr. 27-30, 2014
Join us at the RIMS Conference & Exhibition in Denver, CO.
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May 13-16, 2014
Visit us at the ZOLL Summit in Denver, CO.
Click here to learn more.

Digital Ally attends many more events than can be listed here, so if you'll be at a show that isn't listed above, contact us to see if we'll be there or to schedule a personalized demo with your local representative.

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